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All exam related information can be found in this area of the website.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for please email


Summer 2023 Public Examinations Certificate Collection 

Certificates from the Summer 2023 Exam Series are now ready to collect!

Collection will be available at the school’s main reception on the following days between 1pm and 3.30pm.

November 2023
Friday 17th November 2023
Monday 20th November 2023
Tuesday 21st November 2023
Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Thursday 23rd November 2023
Friday 24th November 2023
Monday 27th November 2023
Tuesday 28th November 2023
Wednesday 29th November 2023
Thursday 30th November 2023

December 2023
Monday 11th December 2023
Tuesday 12th December 2023
Monday 18th December 2023
Tuesday 19th December 2023

N.B It is important that students pick up their certificates before Thursday 30th November 2023 to ensure that there are no missing certificates. After the 30th November 2023, all exam boards will charge a fee for missing certificates.
If you are not able to collect your certificates in person, and would like to nominate an individual to collect your certificates on your behalf, please fill in the attached form, and also email the exams officer to confirm this arrangement.

Please note: if students are unable to collect their certificates themselves, they must get the person that they have nominated to collect their certificates on their behalf to complete the form available below.




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