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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy


The Trustees of the Academy fulfil statutory obligations with regard to the National Curriculum and its assessment, the special educational needs of students, sex education and ensuring a daily act of collective worship for all students. Trustees are involved in the approval of Academy policies, monitoring the effectiveness of Academy initiatives and providing a challenge to the Principal.

The Full Board of Trustees meet three times a year following the meetings of the committees. Four committees report to the Full Board, these are:

  • Policy and Finance & Premises
  • Curriculum
  • Every Child Matters
  • Personnel

Trustees take an active role in the life of the Academy. Termly visits are arranged so they can see the day to day work of the Academy, but most Trustees visit more frequently. The Chairs of the sub committees will additionally meet regularly with the appropriate Academy staff to review financial and premises issues as they arise. Trustees at Southfields Academy are very much a part of the Academy community.

You may contact the Board of Trustees through the Academy or via email:

Schedule of Upcoming Board of Trustee Meetings:

Policy, Finance & Premises - 21st June 2017
Curriculum - 14th June 2017
Every Child Matters - 7th June 2017
Personnel - Meets as required
Full Board of Trustees - 5th July 2017