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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Physical Education and Sport

Teacher contact details 


Key Stage 3 

Contact Teacher:

Ms C Davies (Head of Physical Education & Sport): 

Grouping/organisation/setting/teaching time:

Groups are single sex but some groups are divided further to maximise teaching and learning.

Course Content/Skills Learnt:

In Year 8 key skills have already been established from Year 7 lessons and now these skills are being developed and tactics are put into game situations.  Stronger students become leaders in lessons and begin to develop the skills of a Year 9.


Using the National Curriculum levels students are assessed at the end of each ½ Term giving them a grade for the individual sport.

Books/other materials/useful websites to visit/field trips etc:

The Internet is a useful place for your child to research various sports / sports clubs as are the local library and newspapers.


Research about the sports that the students are participating in, the rules of the sport, its country of origin and useful tactics to employ.

How parents can help:

Provide your child with the correct Academy Physical Education kit and make sure that they bring it to all Physical Education lessons.

Key Stage 4

Physical Education


Non Examined

Qualification type

Core PE

For more information speak to

Ms C. Davies


For students who follow core PE you will have the opportunity to develop the skills that you would have achieved in Key Stage 3.  You will still do two hours of PE within your timetable.

Students will follow a wide variety of sporting activities and disciplines.  They will be able to enhance their skills building upon the skills and knowledge that they will have gained in Key Stage 3.

You will get the opportunity to develop your skills on coaching and leadership courses.

You will be able to learn and develop skills such as leadership skills, coaching skills and many more within this course.


You will not have to hand in an exam or course work.  You will, however, be assessed on your practical performance and your ability to perform as a coach or official.

Each topic that you do will go towards your final end of year grade in PE.

If you’re on a coaching course you will be required to log a specified amount of hours in order to gain the award that you are studying.

Assessment evidence for assignments may be generated via a range of activities such as role-plays, video diaries, experiments, practical assessments and presentations.


Completing coaching or leadership courses will allow students to pursue further coaching courses or apprenticeships.

Strong performance in core PE will give you the practical, officiating and coaching skills for Level 3 courses such as A Level and BTEC Level 3. 

Key Stage 5