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Welcome to the Music Department 

If the music does not become one, it is a collection of sounds.  It is not music.

Daniel Baremboim

Huge numbers of creative professionals can trace the igniting of their creativity back to experiences at school, whether it was encouragement from a school art teacher, acting in a play or singing a particular piece of music at school.


What knowledge and skills will students develop in KS3?

Students will develop music related creative skills so that they can:

  • perform with flair
  • compose with imagination
  • Listen to and appraise music from different world genres with confidence whilst using music specific terminology.

What knowledge and skills will students develop in KS4? 

OCR GCSE Music - J536

Our GCSE in Music provides an accessible and creative musical education, integrating the three main components: performing, composing and appraising.  Students broaden their musical horizons within five areas of study as they explore musical context, language, performance and composition.

The OCR GCSE Music J536 is divided into two main sections.  A practical coursework portfolio that is worth 60% and a listening and appraising examination that is 40%.

Taster booklet

Listening and appraising exam sample questions

Enrichment and extra-curricular activities 

Students are given the opportunity to develop their performance skills whilst performing with specialist musicians in bands and ensembles.

Students are encouraged to select music repertoire that is special to them.  They are then tutored in performance skills so that they can showcase the music to an audience.

Students can perform to audiences in both Southfields Academy and the local community.

Students are encouraged to join a group/ensemble or start their own.

How can you help your child? 

Purchase a musical instrument, download the App Perfect Piano or Virtual Piano.

How can students extend their thinking and challenge themselves in this subject? 

Learn to play music that appeals to them using YouTube tutorials as a resource.

Listen to and compare and contrast music from many different world music genres.

Log into and complete BBC Bitesize music questions.

Practice on a musical instrument or Perfect Piano or Virtual Piano for a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

What are the career opportunities for students that study this subject? 

The creative industries have moved into first place to be the fastest growing economic sector in the UK, responsible for 5.6% of jobs and worth £76.9bn to the UK economy.

The arts make self-starters and develop emotional intelligence.  All require the student to set their own agenda from within themselves, rather than follow set topics as in other subjects.  They have to make independent decisions all the way, and be self-critical.  They also need to be brave in exposing their creations, and accept criticism.  Working in teams makes students into good communicators.