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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

In the examination venue

A label with your name and your candidate number, and any access arrangements you may have, will be on your desk.

No bags or revision notes are allowed near your desk.  You will be asked to leave your bags and coats in the designated area of the examinations hall.

A bottle of water maybe brought into the venue with you but it must be transparent and label free.

Mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players and other types of personal electronic equipment must be switched off and left in your bag in the designated area of the examinations hall.

The use of a highlighter pen is not allowed in your answers.

Once you are permitted to turn the paper over check that it is the correct paper.  If you notice an error or you feel it is not the correct paper then you must raise your hand and then inform the invigilator at once.

You will need to write your name and candidate number on to your examination paper or answer script before you begin.

If you use additional paper make sure your name and candidate number are on each sheet and that they are attached by a treasury tag.  Additional paper and treasury tags will be available from invigilators during the examination.

All examinations have instructions, these are on the front of the examination paper.  The instructions for the examination will be made clear by the lead invigilator before the start of the examination.

Use the time you have for each examination sensibly.  You will usually find that you have plenty of time, so spend time reading the questions and checking your answers carefully.

If you complete an examination before the time is up you will not be allowed to leave the venue earlier.

Emergency Procedure

If the fire alarm sounds during an examination remain seated and silent.  The invigilators will tell you what to do.

Do not panic.

If the instruction is made to evacuate the venue you will be asked to remain silent and file out in the order you are sitting.  You will be escorted, remaining silent, to the designated assembly point.

Leave everything behind on your desk.  You must not attempt to remove your script or the examination paper from the room.

You must not attempt to communicate with anyone, including fellow candidates during the evacuation.

When the instruction is given to return to the examinations venue you must remain silent.  Do not resume writing until the lead invigilator instructs you to.  You will be given full working time for the examination and a report will be sent to the awarding body detailing the incident.

Candidates' conduct during examinations

  • You must be on time for all of your examinations.
  • You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in any part of the examination.
  • You must not: 
    • sit an examination in the name of another candidate;
    • have in your possession any unauthorised material or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage.
  • Possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is breaking the rules, even if you do not intend to use it, and you will be subject to penalty and possible disqualification.
  • You must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once you have entered the examination room.
  • You must follow the instructions of the invigilator.
  • If you are in any doubt speak to the invigilator.

The breaking of any of the examination venue rules will have serious consequences and may leas to the cancellation of your paper and in the event of very serious incidents the cancellation of all other examinations that a candidate is scheduled to sit and those that you have already sat.