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Teacher contact details 


Key Stage 3 

Contact Teacher:    

Ms B Atley, Head of History

Grouping/organisation/setting/teaching time:

Students are taught in mixed ability Tutor Groups for 1 hour per week.

Course Content/Skills Learnt:

Historical concepts, The English Civil War, The British Empire, the Industrial Revolution, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, The First World War, Nazi Germany, The Atomic Bomb, Civil Rights, The Changing Nature of Warfare.


Assessment is carried out ½ Termly according to National Curriculum Levels.

Books/other materials/useful websites to visit/field trips etc:

Black History Month trips & Theatre Performances.


Homework is set weekly.  Students are given a homework booklet to complete over a six week cycle.  The booklets are available on Southfields Connect.

How parents can help:

Take an interest in your child’s History homework and in historical documentaries on television.  Discuss current and historical events with your child.

Key Stage 4

History GCSE



Qualification type


For more information speak to

Any member of the history department


The course is arranged into three units of study:


Medicine Through Time

How could a soiled nappy wipe out half of Soho? How did a flea wipe out half of the known world? How did Britain come to lead the world in modern medicine? These questions and many more will be answered in a study of the history and development of medicine through the following periods of history: Medieval, Renaissance, 19th and 20th Century.  With an in-depth focus on surgery in the First World War.


Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 - 1939

How did a failed art student become the world’s most notorious dictator? What led this man to attempt to wipe out the Jewish population of Europe? Why would Hitler award a gold medal to women who have 8 babies?


An in-depth study of how Hitler came to power and took control of Germany, and what it was like to live in Nazi Germany.





Conflict in the Middle East 1945 - 95

How and why was Israel created after WWII? Why did this lead to increased tension in the Middle East?  What role did Egypt play in the escalating conflict?  How have governments and individuals tried to solve the issues?


A period study of a fascinating and world changing episode of modern history.




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Early Elizabethan England 1558 - 88


Was Elizabethan England a “Golden Age”? What problems did Elizabeth face? How did she deal with plots and rebellions against her rule?  How was the Spanish Armada defeated? What did Elizabethan people do for fun?  How did exploration of the world change England?


An in-depth study of perhaps the most famous period of British history.



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Key Stage 5 

Find out more about our sixth form courses.

History A Level

Politics A Level