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Business Studies


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Key Stage 3 

Business Studies and Economics are not taught to Key Stage 3 students as discrete subjects, however the Business Studies and Economics department hold extra-curricular activities and organise drop-down events to encourage entrepreneurship and enterprise.  Events have included Enterprise Day, where students in Year 7 & 8 held a summer fete for local primary school students.

Key Stage 4



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Ms Boddy


This course is designed to prepare you for Key Stage 4 GCSE Business Studies.  Students will focus on four key business topics:

  • Types of Businesses; structure, size and sector of industry
  • Finance; How do firms make and manage money
  • Marketing; How do firms get customers to buy their products and services
  • People in business; Who are the key people in business, how can they be managed. What makes a successful businessman or woman?

The course offers a fantastic opportunity for students to understand how the businesses around them operate.  You will research local and well know national companies as case studies and gain an overview of strategies that lead to business success. At the end of the academic year, students will visit Thorpe Park to gain knowledge of how the business is managed; of course they will also be given the opportunity to sample the businesses’ products and services. This course will also help you develop many useful skills, such as communication, interpersonal skills, ICT and numeracy.


Students will be assessed after each topic and prizes will be awarded star pupil.


If you successfully complete this course you can go on to study the GCSE business studies course, which is a 2 year programme.  You will have already covered some of the key topics and will be better prepared for success in year 10 and 11.

Key Stage 5 

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