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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Art and Design

Key Stage 3 

Contact Teacher:    

Mr N Reis

The Aims of Key Stage 3 Art & Design:

  • To stimulate creativity and imagination
  • To provide visual, tactile and sensory experience
  • To use the visual and tactile elements (line, tone, texture, shape, pattern, space, form and colour) to communicate what they feel and see.
  • Through art, craft and design activities students learn to make informed and valuable judgements and aesthetic, practical, decisions involving their environment.
  • To learn about the roles of and functions of art, craft and design in contemporary life, historical periods and differing cultures.
  • An understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts have the power to enrich all of our lives at all levels.

Grouping/organisation/setting/teaching time:

Students are taught in tutor groups for one hour per week.

Course Content/Skills Learnt:

The students are taught three units of work during Year 7:

Unit 1:  Self/Identity – The study of Andy Warhol and Renaissance portraits.

Unit 2:  Aboriginal Art.

Unit 3:  What is in a building? – Looking at Hundertwasser, Gaudi and Rizzi.

The students are taught three units of work during Year 8:

Unit 1: (Bottles) Objects and Viewpoints.

Unit 2: Animating Art – Lichtenstein and Pollock.

Unit 3:  (Exploring Natural Form) Seaside – botanical illustrations.

They work through these to develop on these skills:

  • Basic contextual and historical reference (Other Artists’ Work).
  • Perspective.
  • Visual and tactile elements.
  • The basic manipulation of materials and techniques.
  • Colour theory (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colour).
  • Drawing from direct observation.


Formative: Single, pair and group discussions throughout and at the end of lessons.
Summative: At the end of each unit students are assessed or they are assessed using a skill based activity.

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Key Stage 4



Qualification type


For more information speak to

Mr Reis-Moreira


This course will cover the study of art, craft and design and enables the pupil to acquire the ability to investigate, analyse and experiment.  They will also develop practical skills to express ideas and visual language.  These specific skills will include drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, graphics and sculpture.  The other skills developed during this course will be in communication, information technology, improving own learning and performance, working with others and problem solving.


You will be assessed on your portfolio of coursework done over the three years and in a terminal practical exam where you produce a final piece in response to a given theme (the externally set task).  Your coursework will be monitored and assessed throughout the three years.

Your practical work will be assessed on the following:

  1. Your practical work and the skill you show in the way you use materials and techniques (including observational drawing).
  2. Your ability to independently research and explore the work of a variety of artists and make connections between your work and theirs.
  3. Our ability to produce a final piece of work in response to a theme or topic.
  4. Your ability to work to a deadline and manage your time well.
  5. You will be expected to have sketchbooks for each topic and ideally a basic range of art materials.


This qualification will give learners the opportunity to enter employment in the art and design sector or to progress to vocational qualifications such as the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Art and Design, or ‘A; level Art and Design and higher qualifications towards a degree in a specialist area of Art and Design.

Art and Design will provide other life skills such as creative problem solving, and how to understand and apply visual language in all contexts of life.

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Key Stage 5 

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Art & Design Level 3

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