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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Start of Term letter

Our CEO Ms Valin and our Headteacher Ms Golinska have written to parents.

6th September 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

We begin the new academic year with such positive news about the achievements of our outgoing Year 13 and Year 11 students. The proportion of students achieving top grades at GCSE, in particular, has risen sharply and so many of our students achieved grades higher than their peers across the country. Many students have secured degree course study at University or indeed a place in our 6th Form on level 3 courses. Those choosing not to attend University have preferred to commence apprenticeships that will combine learning and paid work. This is a most appropriate alternative to University and often leads to successful career development. We wish our leavers well and hope that they return to visit the Academy.

We continue to make incremental and solid improvements. As always, we want to take the students to the next level and have identified some areas where we would like to make changes in order to enhance the educational experiences of our students.  Recognising where the Academy and parents work closely together, students reap the benefits, we are introducing a dedicated pastoral time at the end of the school day from 2.50pm until 3.20pm.

In this session tutors will spend time with tutees either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. Tutors will have the space to address concerns, provide additional support, or, make phone calls home, or, see parents. This is a flexible session responding to needs or acting in a preventative way.

We ask that parents are equally flexible in their expectation of when their child should finish the school day i.e., your child may be required to remain at school until 3.20pm on some days, but not on others.  If you know that on some occasions your son or daughter needs to leave school before 3.20pm, please make contact with your child’s tutor so they can agree a different afternoon for your child to stay later.

Equally, if you wish to meet with your child’s tutor in order to address any issues, please make appointments at those times on any day of the week.

This dedicated pastoral time is an additional provision aimed at improving opportunities for tutors to communicate with parents and students on an individual basis. Please note:  our rules around same day detentions will not change and our provision of after school clubs/boosters continue as always. Year 11 students have compulsory boosters every day and, on some occasions, the tutor or Year Manager will need to meet with your child or yourself after the booster.

Good study habits, excellent attendance and punctuality, are the key to success in both academic and vocational courses. We hope parents/carers will continue to support us with high expectations.  We want all our students to have the opportunity to experience success and have choices in life.

In order to support your child as best as possible we are running workshops and sessions for parents to keep you informed. There is a list of events and dates available on the Academy website under News and Events.

Open events

The school will close at 3.00pm on Thursday 3rd October for Open Evening.  Selected Year 7 students will act as tour guides for the evening.  Any Year 7 supporting this event must attend in full school uniform.  This event will end by 7.45pm.

Behaviour Safety and Security

This year we are focussing on students taking responsibility to regulate their own behaviour and to continue to develop their good manners.  We take this opportunity to remind you of the student basic requirements:

  • To travel directly to and from school.
  • To travel in groups of no larger than four.
  • To not visit Southside Shopping Centre before or after school in school uniform.  They may visit in school uniform only if they are accompanied by a parent or carer.
  • To take a mode of transport that is direct and doesn’t involve congregating in Wandsworth or Tooting Town Centre.
  • To do what is asked of them by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) or any other figure of authority.
  • To have a valid photo Oyster card when boarding public transport.
  • To understand that if their conduct is poor on public transport, they risk having the privilege of free transport taken away and being sanctioned by the school for bringing the school into disrepute.
  • Not to enter shops before or after school.
  • To travel to and from school in full uniform and support our ethos.

Uniform for Years 7-11

As the weather changes please make sure that your child has a traditional plain black school coat with no logos.  Leather/faux leather jackets are not permitted.  Plain black scarves only.  Plain black hair accessories only.  All clothing needs to be labelled.


One small pair of stud earrings, one earring traditionally placed in each earlobe, may be worn and one ring may be worn.  No anklets, nose studs, tongue studs or any other body piercing.  No tattoos.  Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and a letter sent home to parents / carers to arrange collection.

Hair and make-up

A reasonable hair style must be worn.  Only natural hair colours are acceptable.  Any hair accessories must be black.  Students are not allowed to wear make-up in school or wear nail varnish, false nails or have an extreme hair style or colour.  If they are in school with make- up then they will be asked to remove it.

We thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully                   

Jacqueline Valin, Principal & Wanda Golinska, Headteacher