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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Year 10 Mock Examinations

Year 10 Mock Examinations

Core Subjects: Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March 2019.

Dear Parent/Carer,

All Year 10 students will be sitting examinations in their Core subjects (English, mathematics and science - either combined or triple) between Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March.  There will be additional exams at the end of Year 10.

Students will not be on study leave at this time; normal lessons will run when students do not have an examination.  Students should arrive to school as normal at 8.15am and register with their tutors.  The school day will end slightly later on certain days; please check the timetable available below carefully.

It is vital students understand the importance of these exams.  They provide an opportunity for students to practise completing examinations in subjects they study.  In some areas the grades will inform tiers of entry (foundation/higher papers) and the results will help teachers and tutors identify students that require support for the remainder of Year 10.

It is important that your son/daughter is preparing for these examinations at home.  They should be revising using revision guides, their exercise books, revision websites and past papers on the internet. All students have participated in a study skills session where they have been introduced to a variety of revision and preparation methods.

The examination timetable is attached. Please read through it with your child to make sure they know when they need to be in and what they need for that session. Please help your son/daughter to do their best in the examinations by reinforcing the examination expectations outlined below:

  • Students arrive on time to all exams in full school uniform.
  • Students line up sensibly in the playground before the start of each exam.
  • As they enter the exam, students are silent, they put their bags and coats in the allocated place in the hall and then take their seats as quickly as possible without talking.
  • Students should have the correct equipment for each examination – at least 2 pens (should be black ink), pencils, rubber, ruler and any subject specific equipment necessary. This equipment should be kept in a plastic, see-through bag.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off, and either left at home or in their bags. Phones cannot be in students’ pockets during exams.
  • Students know which exams they should be attending. Please display a copy of the exam timetable at home and ensure that your son/daughter has their own copy.

Students’ conduct in these exams must be perfect. Failure to behave in any manner other than that may result in non-entry for final examinations.

I hope all students achieve well in these exams. Good results should show students what they are capable of achieving; poor results should encourage students to take responsibility for their progress and address where they went wrong.

Upcoming Events and Dates:

Week Commencing 4th March 2019

Students will be examined in their foundations subjects. Assessments will take place in classrooms.

Friday 15th March 2019

Teachers will enter results and effort grades.

Thursday 4th April 2019

Year 10 Parents’ Evening 


Ms G. Le Grande
Assistant Headteacher - Year 10 Progress