All schools receive additional income called the Pupil Premium.  The money is allocated by the Government to help schools support children from disadvantaged families and children looked after.  The amount of additional funding schools receive is based on the number of children who are entitled to or who have received free school meals over the past six years.

How much do we receive?

2013-14: 597 Students – £537,000

2014-15: 577 Students – £539,495

2015-16: 397 Students – £423,789

The funding has been used in a number of ways at Southfields to raise aspirations and the attainment of our Pupil Premium students.

  • Additional tutor groups to create an average class size of 24
  • Additional staffing in the core subjects to create smaller classes in Key Stage 4 (English, Mathematics and Science groups).
  • Additional Intervention Groups in core subjects.
  • Booster sessions run weekly after school by subject teachers.
  • Revision classes across a range of subjects on weekends and during holidays including Easter Revision.
  • Financial support for educational residential trips and visits, including University visits.
  • Additional time purchased for more educational welfare support to support our most vulnerable families.
  • Vulnerable Girls Group Mentor to support girls from becoming NEET.
  • Re-integration mentor to support those at risk from exclusion.
  • Action Mentoring support to target English and Mathematics ‘D’ graders.
  • ME Tutor groups to supprt D Grade students to get a C in both Mathematics and English in Years 10 and 11.
  • Additional Science Tutor Group in Years 10 and Year 11.
  • Achievement Coach for Key Stage 3 students.
  • HPA Achievement coach appointed to support our high attaining students.

Impact – 2015-16

Given that the Academy has opted into the new accountability measures the gap cannot be compared with previous years (2014-15).  The data is displayed in the document available at the link below.

Download a copy of our Principal & Headteacher’s report into our effective use of the Pupil Premium.