Health & Safety Policy

Adverse Weather Protocol

Controlled Assessment Policy 2016-2017

Internal Assessment Policy (Coursework)

Accessibility and Adjustments Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Charging Policy

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education Statutory Guidance for schools and colleges

Anti-Bullying Policy

Collective Worship Policy (Assemblies)

Equality Policy Evidence of Impact

Equality Policy Statement

Racial Equality Policy

Disability Equality Policy

Gender Equality Policy

Safer Recruitment Procedure

Supporting Students with Medical Needs

Special Educational Needs Policy

Special Educational Needs Information Report

Sex & Relationships Policy 2016

Suggestions & Complaints Policy 2016 (Procedure)

Curriculum Policy 2017

Teaching & Learning Policy 2016

British Values Statement 2015

Financial Report & Statements 2012-2013

Financial Report & Statements 2013-2014

Financial Report & Statements 2014-2015

Financial Report & Statements 2015-2016

Academy Pay Policy for Teaching Staff 2016-2017

Trustees Register of Declared Interests 2016-2017

Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2015-2016

Minutes of Full Board of Trustees Meeting March 2016

Minutes of Full Board of Trustees Meeting September 2016


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